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Introduction Of Institute wxsyMechanic Engineering Department is one of the oldest
Introduction Of Department of the institute. It now enrolls over 600 students. There
  are30 teachers working on the staff, among whom 24 have
Electronic Engineering Department got their middle and high academic titles and 80% of the
Mechanic Engineering Department teachers of specialty have got advanced skills certificates.
Accountancy Department The departmentalso retains university professors and
Trade and Economics Department enterprise experts both inside and outside Jiangsu Province
Tourism Management Department to act as guest professors or advisors.
Art & Design Department
Foreign Languages Department wxsyThe department offers such four disciplines as
Information Engineering Department mechanic-electronic integration, automobile electronic
International Exchanges technology,automobile utilization engineering, automobile
  test & repairand digital control application. It has set up
laboratories forautomobile structure, automobile electric
equipment, newtechniques in automobile, automobile chassis,
  hydraulicpressure drive and material testing as well as
practicecenters for locksmith, automobile testing and
diagnosis, automobile commerce and digital control


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