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Introduction Of Institute wxsyArt & Design Department was established in 1996. Yong
Introduction Of Department as it is, it is a discipline of vitality. The department is a cradle
  for training art and design talents of creative spirit, discovering
Electronic Engineering Department insight and self-employing courage. Now it enrolls more than
Mechanic Engineering Department 1,000 students. There are 33 teachers working on the staff, of
Accountancy Department whom 7 have got middle or high academic titles and 90% of the
Trade and Economics Department teachers of specialty have got their advanced skills
Tourism Management Department certificates. The department also retains a number of
Art & Design Department professors, scholars and artists both from home and abroad to
Foreign Languages Department act as guest professors. The department offers such four
Information Engineering Department disciplines as artistic decoration design (including two branches
International Exchanges named indoor design and decoration design & construction
  management respectively), environmental art design,
advertisement design (including advertisement design, digital
video design, exhibition planning and design) and fashion design
  (including fashion design and engineering and fashion design
and demonstration). Of these four disciplines fashion design
has been chosen as the model major of Jiangsu Province for
five-year vocational institutes.
wxsyThe department pays special attention to the combination

of theory and practice in teaching and strengthens the

training of vocational skills and techniques. Design works by
the teachers and students have been chosen for provincial and
national exhibitions on a number of occasions and have won
quite a few prizes. The department has also been responsible
for the design of several large projects. Graduates from this
department possess high qualities and strong techniques and
enjoys a high employment rate. They are not only welcomed by
employers but also good at initiative self-employment.

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